John Holden – 2BACR FM 100.9 Sydney Australia

IF you like your music intellectual Soweco’s new album Keep Onshould take pride of place in your collection.
It fits nicely between the genres of soul, smooth jazz and old school vibe. Sweden’s Soweco comprise Fredric Renmark (vocals), Mattias Roos (keys) and Peter Gustafsson (drums). They really know their way around a tune. That’s not surprising when you consider they’ve been mentored by producer, arranger and contemporary jazz superstar U-Nam. Each song on the album is superbly crafted. The title track has an excellent horn arrangement and Lucky Charm is a tune that settles into an easy groove. Let The Rain Fall Down and Way Up High are instantly likeable. Soweco’s down tempo track are equally enjoyable including Listen For A Moment (vocals by Renmark and Petra Carlenarson) and By The Sea.

This album is what good music’s all about – 9.5 out of 10.

-John Holden, Tuesday Lunch Break, 2BACR FM 100.9, Sydney, Australia

Andy Collins –

To say I’d been looking forward to the release of their album is an understatement.
I’d already seen Soweco give an impassioned live performance at Soul Juice in Stockholm, so I knew the tracks would be drenched in an abundance of soul.
I’m so glad to say the album does not disappoint. In fact, it excels in soulful and jazzy loveliness!

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Stefan Forsberg – Mittmedia (Sundsvalls tidning)

Via en japansk sajt mestadels för bortglömda 70-talspärlor dök Soweco upp som en glad överraskning…….

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Patric Van de Wiele –

West Coast vibe combined with smooth jazz is a winning combination! An excellent export product from Sweden……

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